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About Starboard Locker | Marine Tools Specialists

At Starboard Locker we are passionate about boats and marine tools. We think that there are few things in life more wonderful than messing about on the water. That is whether you are navigating inland waters aboard a canal boat, riding the ocean waves on a sailing expedition, fishing for the catch of the day or driving a sports performance boat.

However, we also know that nothing spoils the perfect day more than your boat breaking down. Especially when you don’t have the right tools to fix the problem. That is why we have put together a range of corrosion free tools, kits and maintenance products that will help keep your beloved craft in ship shape.

We offer a full range of kits suitable for all types of boats. You can select from our ready-made deluxe range or put together your own bespoke product to match your requirements. You will not find these kits anywhere else, or such a wide selection of tools for boats.

We also provide you with what you need to carry out emergency repairs if you get into difficulties off shore. Something that could ultimately save your life in an emergency. Our message is clear don’t leave shore without the tools to keep you safe!

Remember, at Starboard Locker we are here to help and so if you need some special advice on what tools or products to buy please get in touch we will be more than happy to help.